Updated May 08, 2022

Congratulations on the new little legendary addition to the family! Baby is bound to be a lot of things that no one can predict, but there is something we do know for certain. We all know baby is going to be well versed in all things relating to the glorious geekdom you’ll set out before them — as they should be! A perfect place to start baby’s fundamental education is by giving them a DC baby girl or baby boy name.

DC hasn’t gotten to live in the limelight as much as the Marvel universe, but that doesn’t make its content any less thrilling. The strength of DC comes from its comics and its villains. The superheroes are cool, sure, but we’re not sure there’s anything cooler than two perfectly unhinged villains being deeply in love. (You can decide if we’re talking about Dr. Harley Quinn and the Joker or if we really stan Poison Ivy and sweet, insane Quinn.)

To choose a baby name from your favorite DC superheroes or DC supervillains makes perfect sense to us here at The Bump. Take a spin through this selection of DC baby names hailing from Gotham, Central City, Metropolis, and more.

DC Villains Baby Names

As we said before, the villains are what make DC Comics the most worthwhile. These characters have a complexity that wasn’t often seen elsewhere in comics and with that we got DC villains we love to hate that come in the multitudes. Whether you’re inspired by Poison Ivy’s progression or you love The Flash but Eobard might not be your style, we have it all.

DC Heroes Baby Names

The DC heroes have some hard mountains to overcome when it comes to earning fan love over their villain counterparts. However, Wonder Woman being impossibly strong and kind with a lovely name like Diana, it’s not that hard to find characters to love. We have everything from the classic Clark to the truly epic Helena, so pick your favorites from this DC baby names list.

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