Updated May 22, 2022

For some, being outside can feel like a necessity when faced with the social construct of building a life led in the perfect home. But if you’re the type full of wanderlust and a deep love of the great, wild blue yonder, these adventurous and outdoorsy baby girl and boy names will be tapping into that deep well with every syllable!

Scaling the cliffs of life and wandering off the beaten path is the indistinct and worldwide jurisdiction of these sweet names. Baby will be getting their bumps and bruises along the way, but that’s what life is all about! Treating each scratch and scrape as a line written in their life’s diary is a lesson can be learned by observing nature. Looking at the folds in the mountain or the waves breaking over rocks and shorelines, shaping the world in their relentless quest for harmony, can be the a lifelong analogy for baby. With outdoorsy baby names teaching these lessons every time you call out to them, they’ll be able to keep these worldly reminders close to their heart everywhere they go.

Drawing inspiration from Mother Earth herself, the rich colors the world provides, and the flora and fauna that all make it keep turning, outdoorsy baby names have it made in the shade. If you have a favorite tree, flower, mountain, or even volcano, you’re in like-minded company. These names have been selected with an eye for the tree-hugging, bird-calling person with an outdoorsy persuasion in mind.

Baby can live life a little more wildly knowing they have their name—and their parent’s ideals in that name—serving as a constant reminder. Choosing an adventurous baby name will encourage baby to find the secrets and wonders this beautiful world has to offer.

Adventurous & Outdoorsy Baby Names
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