Updated May 12, 2022

When you found out there would be a new little light of your life, did you feel the lightbulb over your head start flickering? Through literature, art, cinema, and even music, light has influenced us through the centuries. It isn’t hard to see why even out of our caveman days, we feel inspired by light; they lead us to new beginnings, treasures, onto the right path, or any variation of moving toward goodness. When picking a name for baby, there’s no better way to start them off than by inspiring them from day one with a brilliant baby girl or baby boy name that means ‘light’.

A list of names with, seemingly, the same meaning can arguably be monotonous. But this list is all about the variation in meanings and the connotation you have with each. Maybe you’re a lover of Greek mythology, a Sarah J Maas fan, or you love classic Disney. If that’s the case, names that mean light like Apollo, Lucian, or Aurora could be precisely what you’re looking for.

But even still, there’s more to dive into with these definitions. A name like Ember doesn’t simply mean light; there’s a warmth and gentleness to it that you don’t necessarily feel when considering a name Harbin. They might both be perfect names for your little warrior, but they are definitely different in what they will come to mean for baby growing up.

This list of 30 names that mean “light” will have you on cloud nine. Picking a name for baby doesn’t have to be hard and with a nuanced list that helps you separate the names by how they make you feel makes it that much easier.