Updated June 26, 2022

Greek mythology is the bread and butter of the scholar, modern and old alike. Tying closely with the traditions of ancient Greek society, these ancient tales have informed societies for centuries. Greek mythology baby girl, boy, and gender-neutral names can help the parent looking to live among the gods—but with way less ego to deal with!

Greek mythology has always been a vehicle for teaching lessons about humanity, divinity, and reasons for natural changes. Though these tales were only ever fantasy, they brought a great deal of comfort to early people trying to understand the world's ways. Today it’s often dismissed as merely mythological, but there are still plenty of lessons to be learned from the ancient Greeks!

These myths were made off the backs of an age of discovery devoid of our modern technology. The ancient Greeks were no less intelligent than modern peoples, but they had to explain the inexplicable somehow! The legends of Hyperion, and subsequently Helios, are indications of the early people tracking the consistency of the sun across the sky. Nemesis was the cautionary tale for those who made bold choices arrogantly. Poseidon’s rage explained the roiling, unpredictable nature of the seas. Countless myths gave comfort to the people of then, and today they provide comfort to the ancient scholar looking for ways to be a fly on the wall of this ground-breaking civilization.

Greek mythology baby names boast a wide range of tales and sounds, all the while giving the distinctively otherworldly—or Mount Olympus-y—feel. Naming baby after these legends gives baby the gift of insight into the ancient world.

Greek Mythology Baby Names
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