Updated May 08, 2022

If Netflix’s series Atypical made you laugh, cry, or all of the above then you are not alone. These characters played by an endlessly charming cast can easily inspire the parent-to-be. By sifting through this list of Atypical baby names, you’ll be sure to find the baby girl and baby boy names you’ve been waiting for.

The array of characters the viewer meets through each family member’s experience sheds light on some of the things in life we don’t often consider. To highlight the beauty of the autism spectrum and the true gray areas of being just a person in the world is an important and difficult task. But Atypical attempts representation and opens the conversation to others who might not have previously considered such paths in life.

Atypical baby names like Sam and Casey make sense for the parent looking for gender neutral names that pack a meaningful punch. Or maybe you loved the way Julia the therapist was totally humanized and that inspires you for a baby girl name. Whichever name you choose from the list will make sense when considering the rich character they originate from. Enjoy reliving the beautiful moments in Atypical with these 20 Atypical Baby Names You’ll Adore.