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Updated February 01, 2024

The Last of Us by Naughty Dog

Though The Last of Us is a game with a relatively small cast of characters, but through both Part I and Part II, they are just too easy to love to not be included in this list! Telling the harrowing story of Joel and Ellie in a post-apocalyptic world, this zombie game was never about the zombies.

God of War by Santa Monica Studios

The God of War series is a brilliant game made of chaos—get it? But these names are focused mainly on the 2018 installment. The game re-hashed delicate relationships and made people cry with choice motifs, making it an excellent choice for some baby name inspiration. It’s a story of a father and son journey, motivated by the love of a life partner and mother. This story has thoroughly moved PlayStation and PC gamers, and with God of War Ragnarök—and baby—on the way, how could you not choose one of these video game baby names!

Final Fantasy VII by Square Enix

By default, this selection also naturally includes Final Fantasy VII Remake characters, too. If you’ve loved Aerith—or Aeris, if you kept her first spelling—for over 20 years, or you’re only Midgar deep in your journey, these Final Fantasy VII names are for everyone.

Uncharted series by Naughty Dog

If popcorn could be a video game, it would be the action-adventure game series Uncharted. Nathan Drake’s unstoppable love of adventure has been infectious for years. Finding a video game baby name imbued with fun and curiosity isn’t too difficult, but finding one that’s tied to a set of equally mischievous friends is a little harder! Luckily, the treasures you’ll find here are akin to the spoils you’ve picked up on Drake’s behalf over the years.

Witcher 3 by CD PROJEKT RED

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is a masterpiece of a game given even more room to grow due to its newfound popularity. People from all over the world with all different interests know about Ciri and Geralt; what a treat! But viewers of the show haven’t spent the grueling hours learning Gwent or doing the Bloody Baron’s lengthy questline. The video game names here have been well and truly earned by their dedicated fan base and give baby something to love growing up too!

Mario Franchise by Nintendo

No matter how little or often you have played video games throughout your life, you’ve likely played at least one of the Mario games. Luckily for you, that means you probably know all the characters in all the games! Whether the classic platforming is your style or Mario Kart is your game of choice, these video game baby names will have nostalgia ringing through your bones every time you look at baby.

The Legend of Zelda Franchise by Nintendo

For decades, The Legend of Zelda has been a household title. Since 1983 these games have gone through tens of iterations, but what remains the same is the player’s love of Link and dedication to his fantastical journey. Naming baby Zelda is a step that makes sense, but if you need subtler homages, The Bump has everything you need!

Red Dead Redemption II by Rockstar Games

This slow-paced, heartfelt game has been actively loved since it arrived on the scene in 2018. But even before then, Red Dead Redemption’s release in 2004 ignited the flame in players. Red Dead II taught gamers and developers what open-world RPG storytelling should look like. Players became equally immersed in the side quests as they were in the main storyline, and you can’t blame them for it. A video game baby name from RDR II is a gift that’ll keep on giving.

Kingdom Hearts Franchise by Square Enix

Square Enix saw a gaming opportunity to take the characters everyone loves—and throw them into chaos with a whole other set of characters that multiple generations have loved—and they took it with both hands! In 2002, these legendary developers made a Disney and Final Fantasy sandwich, and fans have loved them ever since.

Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar Games

Are you one of the thousands of players that have dedicated well over a hundred hours to GTA V? Then you’ve come to the exact right place for naming baby. These names invoke that California spirit, with a little bit of additional mayhem, of course. Choosing a video game name from Grand Theft Auto V is the same as choosing a healthy dose of chaos in your and baby’s life. And what’s life without a little bit of adventure?

Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West by Guerrilla Games

The Horizon games are industry heroes in terms of visuals and battle mechanics. From the inventive ways to manipulate a traditional bow and arrow setup to the breathtaking views of dilapidated skyscrapers to actual robot dinosaurs, these games have a lot worth loving.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Bethesda Game Studios

One of the most deeply beloved games of all time, Skyrim made history. Players introduced to this open-world RPG couldn’t resist playing from every different angle of the story—or modding it beyond belief for an absolutely ridiculous spin through the fan-favorite tales. Whichever way you played, or still play, you have plenty of fantastical characters to be inspired by for baby’s one-of-a-kind video game name.

Final Fantasy X by Square Enix

Lovers of Square Enix’s massive franchise often disagree about which title is the best, but they don’t disagree that Final Fantasy X is one of them! As a revolution within their own system, this was the first FF game to shake up their party combat. This set a precedent for a game series that would highlight the thrilling new ways games could approach “turn-based” style combat. If this is your favorite Final Fantasy game—or you’re just looking for a recommendation instead of playing through your backlog—look no further!

Final Fantasy XV by Square Enix

A whopping six years after Final Fantasy XIV, this game was responsible for rejuvenating the franchise! Released in 2016, FFXIV has captured the hearts of many. It called upon the most fantastical—forgive the pun—elements gamers love and undoubtedly missed during Square’s hiatus.

Assassin’s Creed Franchise by Ubisoft

Since 2007, Assassin’s Creed has repeatedly taken the world by storm. From the original action-adventure all the way to the most recent Valhalla installment, Ubisoft has been creating historically impressive and visually stunning games for players worldwide. If you’ve been to Florence after playing, you might feel a keen sense of deja vu, and this is the feeling you can share with baby from day one!
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