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If you consider your baby a prince, why not give him the name of two famous ones: the prince married to the Queen of England, and the Disney prince who stole the heart of Sleeping Beauty? It’s also the name of several European kings and the TV-famous psychologist, Dr. Phil (birth name: Phillip Calvin McGraw). It’s old-fashioned, masculine, and in case you were wondering which spelling is more popular, it's in a dead heat with single “l” Philip.
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Royal Baby Names
The Duke of Edinburgh has been Queen Elizabeth II’s husband since 1947. They met while he was giving her family (including her dad, King George VI) a tour of his school, the Royal Naval College. Born on June 10, 1921, on Corfu to Greek and Danish royals, Philip and his family were banished from Greece after a political uprising and moved to England. Philip had a lengthy naval career, including active duty during World War II. Today he works with myriad organizations that reflect his interests, including conservation and engineering. He's the father of Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward.
Disney Baby Names
In “Sleeping Beauty,” Prince Phillip hears a girl singing in the forest and is intrigued. When he finally meets her, he immediately falls in love, and she feels the same for him. It’s Princess Aurora/Sleeping Beauty who runs off without revealing her identity. Will they ever find each other again? Of course! They’re each other’s one true love, and even the evil Maleficent’s curse on Aurora can’t overcome Phillip's determination.

Famous Phillips

Wondering who else shares this baby name? Check out these well known icons that made this baby name famous.
  • Princess Alice and Prince Andrew

Phillip: Baby Name Popularity


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