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At its peak, Mary was the most popular girl’s name, coming in first or second for 80 years. At the time, an assortment of nicknames helped families to keep track of all the Mary’s at gatherings and holidays. A Biblical name, Mary appears in the New Testament most prominently as the mother of God or Christ. Nowadays, the foreign variants are grabbing all the attention, from the Hawaiian Malia to the French Manon. Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary Crawley has restored some of the name’s luster, although parents today are more likely to give their daughters first or middle names of Marie or Maria.
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Royal Baby Names
This wife of King George V and mother of Queen Mary was born on November 27, 1833, in Hanover, Germany. By age 30, she still hadn’t married, so her cousin Queen Victoria did some matchmaking. Mary settled on Prince Francis of Teck, with whom she went on to have four children. Mary, who had a modest income but expensive tastes, wanted her daughter, Victoria, to marry up. After her first husband died suddenly six weeks after the wedding, Victoria married his brother, Prince George, who was the next in line to the throne. Sadly, Mary didn’t live long enough to see George become king or her daughter become queen.
Disney Baby Names
An unusual Disney heroine, Mary from “Wall-E” is neither human nor animated—she’s Pixar-created. She is a passenger on a giant ship called the Axiom where she and another passenger named John meet cute Wall-e (she pushes her hover chair back and inadvertently bumps into him).

Famous Marys

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  • Princess Augusta and Prince Adolphus

Mary: Baby Name Popularity


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