Other Origin(s):Haitian
Meaning:star; hide
Esther is a girl's name of Persian origin and great merit within the Hebrew bible. The titular figure of the Book of Esther, this incredible heroine's deeds are substantial though her name's meanings are more mysterious. Formed as a method of concealment, Esther is thought to be forged from the Hebrew root s-t-r, which means "hide," in reference to the Persian queen's hidden identity. However, Esther is most often traced to the Old Persian stāra, which means "star," aligning the name to the Near Eastern goddess Ishtar. Largely associated with the planet Venus and the eight-pointed star, Ishtar presides over love, beauty, justice, and fertility. Embracing many great facets of femininity, Esther is a stirring name to rouse courage and strength for all those who bear it.
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