Updated May 08, 2022

Tradition, tradition! Whether you feel a close kinship to Tevye or not, we can all agree that some traditions are worth sticking with. The ones that revolve around naming baby can be the special connection you’ve been hoping to make with this new beautiful addition and your loved ones.

Chances are, if you’re looking for traditional names, you need a name that will seamlessly match one of the names you’ve already chosen. Giving baby a first or middle name dedicated to a loved one and then finding the right name to match it can be difficult. But if you look for baby girl and baby boy names that are classical or old fashioned, you might find yourself with the perfect combination.

But if you’re not searching for a name to complement one already picked, then this list is free rein for traditional names that transport you to a different time and fulfill an array of your baby naming needs. For instance, Emma for the Jane Austen lovers in need of a traditional baby girl name, Benjamin for a parent looking for a timeless name for their baby boy, or Devin for parents looking for a gender neutral traditional name as a modern twist.

The world is your oyster with traditional baby names and with so much variety we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect name for baby in no time.

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