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Updated April 30, 2024

The only way to make welcoming a new little one into your family more joyful is to welcome two! Twin baby names have the opportunity to put a name to your little ones’ special bond from the very beginning—while highlighting your interests and beliefs simultaneously! Your inner faith, your love of mythology, or any other number of influences can drive these names. The world is a wide place full of wonder and beauty, and with these two gorgeous bubs on the way, your life just got a whole lot more adventurous, and they need a name to show it off. Whether it’s twin baby girl names, gender-neutral twin baby names, twin baby boy names, or any variation within, this list has you covered!

Gender Neutral Twin Baby Names

If you’re keeping the sex a surprise or just generally want to err on the gender-neutral side, here’s a sweet selection of unique gender-neutral twin names. These names allow mixing and matching or provide the leaping point for the next baby-name-rabbit hole. Either way, your twins will have some cool as heck names to show off all life long.

Twin Baby Names for Girl Babies

Feminity means a lot of different things to different people, but what everyone can agree on is that this label is a powerful one. Whether femininity evokes imagery of lush and colorful meadows, the badass protagonists you see in video games, or even the age-old tales of womanly wiles steering a nation, feminine energy is empowering. If you’re having two little girls join your family, then picking some strong, girly twin names is the right next step.

Twin Baby Names for Boy Babies

Raising baby boys in this day and age looks a little different to earlier generations’ parenting styles. Showing boys that they can be sensitive and strong in the same breath is something millennial parenting does best! You can choose from forest- to anime-inspired names while not forgetting to pick up a little bit of sweetness on the way.

Twin Baby Names for Fraternal Twins

If you’ve got a mix-and-match situation brewing at home, then you’re going to need some cute fraternal selections, too! These combos feature alliteration, natural influences, and mythology-based treats. Raising two new little best friends gives you the opportunity to share some of your passions and interests, so why not let the names of this dynamic duo reflect that?

Baby Names That Mean “Twin”

Besides a collection of cute names already in pairs, there are a ton of names that actually mean “twin!” Twins are a natural miracle, so it’s probably unsurprising that there are cultures from all over the world highlighting their incredible status with baby name definitions. These names highlight the uniqueness of the situation while still commemorating that the best things in life come in pairs!
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