Updated May 12, 2022

Congratulations on the newest addition to the family! One of the first exciting things you can do after learning there’s a new love of your life is picking out a name for them. So, first things first, we can all agree that baby is a superhero, right? And with that established, then we know we need to pick a name that celebrates them from day one! Superhero baby girl and baby boy names have a power imbedded in them and will no doubt be an inspiration for baby all their life.

Whether you love superhero names for their uniqueness or the connotation you have with their character, picking one of these names for baby just makes sense. Because of the era in which comic books were most popular, there’s now a large array of vintage names to choose from when considering a superhero name for baby!

There are basically two approaches to picking a superhero baby name for your little darling. The first is the more subtle of the two; choose names from the alias side of your favorite superheroes. Natasha, Bruce, and Kara are excellent understated choices for the parent looking to fulfill their inner geekdom without necessarily enforcing their child to be a nerd, too. But, if you’re positive your child is going to be just as obsessed with comics and movies that play host to your favorite characters, definitely go with approach two. Baby can definitely rock a superhero name like Rogue, Nakia, or Valkyrie. These cool names are unabashedly nerdy and celebrate the awesome heroes we have all loved for years.

By picking a superhero baby name, you are setting up baby for an epic adventure. They will always be able to look to their name for strength and inspiration because of the tales they can always turn to that were handpicked by their parent. A superhero name will give baby a unique experience wrapped in love and we couldn’t ask for more than that.

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