Updated May 08, 2022

The Marvel universe is more a household term now than it’s ever been and for good reason. The Marvel Cinematic Universe born from the beloved comics has been responsible for many a halloween costume idea, haircut, exercise regiment, or what have you. Now, imagine how adorable a Scarlet Witch Marvel costume for your baby girl would be if her name was also Wanda? We don’t even know if the world could handle that. We’ve compiled this list of Marvel baby girl and baby boy names for you so that you can set up those situations for a lifetime and start changing the world.

This list includes Marvel heroes and villains names alike — just in case there’s a particularly clever villain you’re inclined to have in your life for all time. Because of when the comics were written, these names also give an exciting twist to vintage names you might not have previously thought about. Marvel baby names can range from classics like Steve to truly unique names Ulysses. With a range like this, you’ll never run out of options for your one of a kind baby.

Marvel baby names make searching for a name that ticks all the boxes of cool, nerdy, unique, and meaningful infinitely easier. This also can serve as a wonderful compromise for the parent who might not be okay with baby being called Nightcrawler in public or on government certificates. The character is inspirational and jam packed with depth, it makes sense why you would want to carry that with you all the time! But, Kurt sounds far more socially acceptable than Nightcrawler and still holds the weight of his beautiful depth. We think it’s a fitting solution for the parent naming their little superhero to give them a civilian name. Try out what civvy name works best from this list of Marvel baby names and you’ll be giving them their first lycra suit in no time.

Marvel Heroes Baby Names

From Jean Grey to Natalia — or Natasha — Romanoff we have your marvel hero needs covered. If you want baby’s strength and intelligence to shine through without a shadow of a doubt, picking a Marvel baby name will remind them that it always can.

Marvel Villains Baby Names

Though Marvel isn’t known for a vast array of extraordinary villains, there are certainly a few to make the average person give pause. Thanos and Nebula are an extraordinary and complex duo with, let’s face it, really cool names.

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