Updated May 22, 2022

Felicidades! There's a baby on the way and the timing just so happens to work perfectly with the release of Lin Manuel Miranda's In the Heights — lucky you! Latina, Latino, and Latinx baby names have always been beautiful, but with a musical like this, light is being shed on names from a culture that could only ever deserve more appreciation.

Between the music, the characters, and the scenes exploding with colors there's so much to love about this musical. But what affected us the most would have to be the characters in this incredible story. This sensational Latino representation has resurfaced so many beautiful Hispanic names that will no doubt have made you wonder how one of these names could sound for baby.

Latina names are dazzling and can come in the dozens, making it a little overwhelming. But In the Heights made us shortlist gorgeous Hispanic names like Nina, Daniela, and Vanessa for baby girls. But it doesn't stop there, Latino baby names from this musical bursting with joy will include, of course, Benny and Sonny, but a less common name that we're now heels over head for has to be Usnavi. Usnavi is the perfect Latino baby name for a parent looking for a moniker that represents a hard working dreamer with the kindest soul on any street, let alone just the corner of 181st.

These Hispanic baby names inspired by In the Heights by Lin Manuel Miranda are sure to have your heart singing in no time. Pick your favorites from the list and baby will have a unique, meaningful name — and probably a song — for the rest of their lives that they can wear with pride.