Updated May 08, 2022

Downton Abbey has enriched lives in ways unforeseen. They’ve made us cry, laugh, and feel desperate for each next episode. With being able to stream Downton Abbey on Netflix these days, you’ve no doubt been binging them to get your Anglophile fix. If the journeys these characters have gone on have inspired you, then maybe picking from these classic Downton Abbey names for your baby girl or baby boy will help them along their path.

Downton Abbey names for girls are all about the strength of persevering in a time where everything a woman did was breaking the societal mould somehow. Sybil, Anna, and Cora are characters that demonstrate a loving heart and a strong will; these are lessons baby could definitely benefit from learning early on.

On the flipside with classic boy names from Downton Abbey, you have characters with unbelievable heart and propensity for growth. Men like Mr. Carson or the beloved Matthew are pillars of stability and deep-rooted kindness. These characters can highlight different ways to define what being a man is and give baby some stories to lean on in the meantime.

Loving these characters and their stories is nearly as easy as loving baby — if we’re feeling dramatic, that is. They give depth to the classic names that have been proliferated for centuries merely by tradition. By choosing one of these Downton Abbey names for baby, you’re giving them not only a show to love when they get older, but a window into who you were when you were naming them.

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