Updated July 03, 2022

Your introduction to The Witcher could have come from anywhere, Sapkowski’s books, The Witcher video games by CD Projekt Red, the Netflix series, or just your love of Henry Cavill bedecked in swords and chainmail. But no matter the reason, you’re here now, and you’ve made the right call. Geralt of Rivia possesses a plethora of qualities that would make any parent proud and likewise will baby. The Witcher baby girl and boy names are imbued with the fire and strength of the characters who wear them proudly.

The Witcher names embody the unique fantasy that is beyond easy to love. Geralt’s personality may seem gruff and unfeeling upon first introduction, but upon further inspection, he’s a funny teddy bear that fiercely protects those he loves. While baby will always have main-character energy, it’s important to note the characters that help make our favorites who they are. Yennefer, Jaskier, Cirilla, and Triss are each vital to the storyline and Geralt’s development. Likewise, baby will have loved ones around them, nurturing their growth.

But if you’re looking for a less obvious callback and love that otherworldly feel, consider names from the video games or deeper into the books. The beloved bards, Priscilla and Dandelion — Jaskier’s alternative name in the English translation of books and games — make excellent choices. Or maybe if you’re interested in highlighting baby’s strength as a leader from day one, Cerys could be the perfect fit.

The Witcher baby names have stories for days and will give baby a nearly inexhaustible source of entertainment and inspiration. All the while teaching baby about the importance of empathy. As our leading witcher teaches us, not all monsters are monsters. Geralt views every contract and situation with fresh eyes despite his many years. He teaches us a vital lesson with how he manages to stay open to the goodness in every person — and thing. If everyone had that compassion in their hearts, the world would be a better place, so let’s start with baby!

Baby Names from The Witcher
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