Updated May 08, 2022

Let’s face it, few things are cuter than Baby Yoda. “The Child” quickly took the world by storm with his unbelievably adorable, well, everything he did in The Mandalorian. Whether you felt your heart just burst every time he held out his cup or it was enough to see just how small he was next to Mando, we can agree we all need more Baby Yoda in our lives. The one thing that’s possibly even cuter than Baby Yoda though is your baby. So if you’ve come to find baby girl and baby boy names inspired by Baby Yoda then you’ve come to the exact right place!

The Mandalorian overwhelmed the Star Wars fans and those new to the franchise in quite possibly equal measure. But, when they have a small green puppet with eyes the size of saucers, it’s easy to see why. The names throughout the show were ones to be inspired by for sure. Whether they’re from characters you love or love to hate, we have baby names inspired by Baby Yoda all the way from Grogu to Moff.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a name that will set baby’s life up with some serious nerd-dom street cred’ then there’s hardly a better way than picking from Baby Yoda baby names. This show has put in the work to revitalize the franchise and we couldn’t be happier for it — and all the old and new baby names getting light shone upon them, of course! Take a glance at this list of heroes and baddies and you’ll find your favorites faster than you can say “Mandalorian”.

Explore 37 Baby Girl and Boy Names Inspired by Baby Yoda
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