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Updated February 01, 2024

The sci-fi genre is one that, when you find yourself immersed in it, you can’t escape. It’s easy to love and easier still to integrate it into every fiber of your personality after finding your favorite shows, books, and art. Through witnessing characters’ clever minds and their typically slow-warming hearts through various adventures, you’re able to live vicariously in situations you could never even dream of. If baby’s future will consist of many a sci-fi binge session, then a science fiction baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name will set them up for the ultimate adventure, otherworldly or otherwise.

Baby Names from Star Trek

A series that has transcended space and time, Star Trek has impacted lives since 1966. This brilliant show is known for its uncanny ability to keep its finger on the political pulse through the decades while always pushing ahead for the good of all people.

Baby Names from Star Wars

A franchise that knows no bounds, Star Wars has been proliferated relentlessly throughout the years. From TV shows and movies to comics and novels, this world has become a mammoth in its own right. This sci-fi galaxy might be far, far away, but when you choose a Star Wars baby name it’s suddenly wrapped in your arms.

Baby Names from Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a show whose fame has influenced far more than television. Consider the revitalization of chunky sneakers, synth music, and pastel color blocking, and you can thank this series for that! A baby name from Stranger Things is a modern-day treat, reminding everyone that sci-fi will never be a thing of the past!

Baby Names from Lost

One of the sci-fi world’s most bewildering and famous television series, Lost leaves more questions than it could possibly answer. If this series is one you return to time and again, then a baby name straight from its sandy shores will keep this spirit alive all life long.

Baby Names from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Douglas Adams either knew exactly what he was doing or simply cast a charismatic spell on the world with his The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This sci-fi tale, which somehow tackles the mundane and absolutely fantastical in a long-winded trilogy, has gripped the hearts and minds of many throughout the years. Set baby on a quest to discover the question to life, the universe, and everything with a baby name from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Baby Names from Stargate

A franchise that knows fewer bounds than the Star Wars universe, Stargate has been going strong for over 25 years. It’s collected fans from all over the world and through multiple generations with its thrilling and inventive storytelling. A Stargate baby name will highlight the charming and geeking home baby will be brought into and give them decades of comfort-food shows and spin-offs to revel in all their life.

Baby Names from Firefly

Though it’s still confusing today why Firefly was canceled, the 2002 hit is still making waves over 20 years later! It might not have decades of seasons, but its cult following has only grown stronger in its absence. From witty wordplay to some thrilling Western tastes, you can give baby the gift of a lifelong sci-fi obsession with a charming Firefly baby name.

Baby Names from Westworld

Westworld is a visually stunning sci-fi series and mind-bending 1973 film, too. Its method of challenging societal norms through a Western vehicle and breaking the barrier between make-believe and reality has enthralled audiences for years. The series might make you second-guess some theme park experiences, but you can keep the charm and stay safe all in one with a Westworld baby name.

Baby Names from Doctor Who

Another show in the sci-fi dynasty that’s lasted through generations, Doctor Who is a brilliant and increasingly clever exploration of the human condition. Whether your fan experience began with the original Doctors or you jumped on the wagon after the regeneration in 2005, this show is for everyone and anyone.

Baby Names from Battlestar Galactica

Teach baby the power of rebellious whimsy with a baby name from the Battlestar Galactica series. They can fantasize about distant colonies and space adventures all day long when their sci-fi name is hand-picked from one of the classics.

Baby Names from The Six Million Dollar Man

A sci-fi baby name taken from The Six Million Dollar Man’s cast will prep baby for a life of 70s-inspired adventure. With a former astronaut's brain and an electromechanical body, this cyborg-style man inspired thousands of viewers! Though a metal body likely isn’t in store for your loved ones, a baby name from this show can bring that sci-fi charm all day long.

Baby Names from Twilight Zone

One of the shows that started it all, The Twilight Zone kicked off the generations-and-counting-long period of sci-fi-loving adventures! This series set out to horrify and entice in equal measure throughout the 20th century, and it more than accomplished that. Give baby a throwback to where your favorite genre began with a classic name from The Twilight Zone.
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