Meaning:white, bright
Emerging from Celtic mythos, Elva is a feminine name of Irish origin. Meaning "white" or "bright," Elva is a variation of the name Ailbhe which itself derives from the Old Irish word albho of the same meaning. There are many who interpret Elva as an elfin leader, tracing the title back to the Anglo-Saxon aelf, which means 'elf.' In truth, Elva is far more fierce and formidable with strong ties to the ancient Irish warrior, Ailbhe Gruadbrecc. One of the fearless female members of the legendary Fianna, known as the banféinní, Ailbhe is thought to have been a great love of Fionn mac Cumall. Known for her freckled complexion, there is little doubt that Elva's meaning is an homage to this fair-skinned warrior.
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