If you have any Irish blood in you at all, you’ll no doubt be well accustomed to havin’ the craic, hearing “Ah, sure look”, and slowly enabling your body to run on tea alone. But even if you’re not, everyone can agree Irish baby names are certainly another step in that direction. With names and traditions borne from an island people thousands of years old — approximately 33,000 years old actually — you can imagine there is a lot of information to sift through. But choosing an Irish baby name is not synonymous with becoming a historian, because we’ve got it all right here!

Irish baby girl names embody a culture of badass women that deserve to be celebrated. Between historically acclaimed boss women like Gráinne Ní Mhaol — a pirate queen who eventually befriended and persuaded Queen Elizabeth to act on her bidding — to the modern day pop culture influences like Saoirse Ronan, people with these names have a way of carving themselves a part of history. There is a power to claiming your heritage and wearing it proudly every day, and you can rest assured baby will be someone to be remembered, too.

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