Meaning:Ireland; land of abundance
Aeryn is a boy's name of Gaelic origin which will no doubt inspire fantasies of mythos and heritage with every mention—and those who delve deeper will not be disappointed. Beneath its alluring facade lies the Irish name Éirinn, "Ireland," whose own roots are more enchanting still. Most often recognized as Erin, Éirinn stems from the goddess Ériu, considered to this day as the personification of Ireland. A deity of supreme authority, Ériu came from the mythical Tuatha Dé Danann (the people of Danu), a supernatural race that first claimed Ireland home. As the Gaelic Celtic arrived on its green shores, they asked Ériu and her sisters to bestow their name on the island, to which they agreed. From here, Éire stuck, embodying the meaning "land of abundance" and instilling Aeryn with a fascinating backstory.
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