By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 30, 2024
Literary baby names are a breath of fresh air—or maybe more like a delicious whiff of slightly dusty pages. If the library, a comfy chair next to your favorite bookshelf, or even just a stack of pillows with your Kindle are your happy place, baby will likely be of the same ilk. If you’re in the business of teaching baby that every word carries a story, then literary baby girl, boy, and gender-neutral names are here to whisk you both away.

Literary Baby Boy Names

To find a traditional boys name associated with a famous author from the ages is not by any means difficult! From the BCE days of Sîn-lēqi-unninni to today’s Stephen King, men have been known to be impactful writers. Give baby a taste of history and legacy all at once with a literary baby boy name.

Literary Baby Girl Names

Though male names have dominated the bookshelves for centuries, your little lady en route has been thoroughly represented, too! It’s especially inspiring when considering a number of those famous male names were actually just pen names for brilliant women determined to get their words in the hands of many. Give baby the gift of power, passion, and feminism, all neatly packaged in a few syllables with a literary baby girl name.

Popular Literary Baby Names

Popular baby names signal to the world that you and your little one stay on top of the trends, but popular literary baby names signal a very specific kind of trend you keep your eye on. Help baby sharpen their keen eye for the best tales and deep dives with one of these and help them add their bookish taste feather to their lifelong cap.

Unique Literary Baby Names

Choosing a literary baby name is somewhat inherently a unique concept, but to go one step further in giving your little one that lifelong edge, consider a name unique even in the literary world! From Baldwina to Woolf, there are choices full of stories for baby’s taking.

Soft Literary Baby Names

Literature comes in many different shapes, sizes, genres, time periods, and so much more—giving you ample inspiration to choose from for your little one's name! But something true about all books is the allure of their built-in coziness. Give baby the softness of escapism with a soft literary baby name.

Edgy Literary Baby Names

Plenty of cutting-edge concepts and new-age theories were first explored in literature, making an edgy literary baby name something that just makes sense. These names encourage that free-thinking creativity that every baby is born with, ensuring they never lose a grasp on these essential, radical gut instincts.
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