Meaning:Wolf counsel
Lovers of wolves will adore the name Ralph. A title typically associated with nerdy-chic individuals, Ralph has a badass meaning that will undoubtedly embue baby with strength. This Scandinavian name comes from the ancient Norse Ráðúlfr, which means “wolf counsel,” and was brought to pre-Middle Ages England and became the Old English Rædwulf. During the Norman Conquest of 1066, the name evolved into the French Raulf. Ralph was spelled as “Ralf” until the 18th century when the stylish “ph” out-favored the “f.” If you’re looking for a timeless classic that sounds prim and proper but actually holds a sentiment that slays, Ralph won’t let you down.

Famous People Named Ralph

Wondering who else shares this name? Check out these well known people who made this baby name famous.
  • Ralph Abernathy
    Civil Rights Activist
  • Ralph Fiennes
  • Ralph Lauren
    Fashion Designer
  • Ralph Macchio
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Philosopher, Poet
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