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Updated April 30, 2024

Though he was alive during the years 1564 to 1616, Shakespeare’s way with words transcends time. He’s known for his inventive storytelling, convoluted tales of love and politics, and hundreds of created words—around 1,700, to be exact! Someone counted, and throughout Shakespeare’s many plays and poems, he used over 20,000 words. If teaching baby a varied vocabulary and embracing the spirit of creation is the name of the parenting game for you, then any of these Shakespeare baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral names will have baby singing to the tunes of onomatopoeia.

Shakespearean Baby Names from A Midsummer Night’s Dream

One of Shakespeare’s most enchanting tales, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, details one of the original love triangles—with the addition of some fairy enchantment, of course. Whether your little one will be a mischievous Puck or the queenly Hippolyta, a Shakespearean baby name from this darling play will burst with otherworldly personality.

Shakespearean Baby Names from Hamlet

Not exactly a happy tale, but one that’s inspired art through the centuries nonetheless, Hamlet is here to teach baby about moral ambiguity and the complexities of life and death. Even if that lesson isn’t coming early on in baby’s life, a Shakespearean baby name from this play will have it locked and loaded whenever the time is right.

Shakespearean Baby Names from All's Well That Ends Well

One of Shakespeare’s comedies, All's Well That Ends Well features a battle against arbitrary societal roles amidst a story rife with unrequited love. Another dalliance in the gray areas of life, complete with ethical dilemmas seen with the modern lens, the Shakespearean baby names from this play are sure to get the brain working at high speed.

Shakespearean Baby Names from Julius Caesar

The story of Julius Caesar is one rife with jealousy, conspiracy, and power complexes galore. It takes on the massive historical figure of the titular role, referencing his military and political prowess. If you have a penchant for history or tragedies, you’ll undoubtedly be teaching baby about these depths someday. But for now, maybe rely on a Shakespearean baby name to do some of that teaching for you.

Shakespearean Baby Names from Macbeth

Macbeth is one of the most famous of Shakespeare’s plays; it has been uttered in hushed voices around theaters and studied for its masterful wordplay for centuries. By choosing a Shakespearean name from this bubbling cauldron tragedy, you’ll be imbuing baby with some Scottish highlander blood and maybe a little bit of magic, too.

Shakespearean Baby Names from King Lear

Another of Shakespeare’s tirelessly tragic plays, King Lear tells the tale of a man continually making mistakes and bearing the burden of multiple losses as a result. If you want a cautionary tale to walk with baby all their life, and show them the importance of self-awareness, then a Shakespearean baby name from King Lear should do the trick.

Shakespearean Baby Names from Much Ado About Nothing

A gorgeous and silly play known for its eccentric banter, Much Ado About Nothing is a fun tale of accidental love. Beatrice and Benedick unwittingly become the playthings of the friends they so frequently poke and prod, becoming the lovesick fools themselves. Whether it’s the cajoling or the playing with expectations, Shakespearean baby names from Much Ado About Nothing are a sweet little force to be reckoned with.

Shakespearean Baby Names from Othello

A jealousy-fueled tragedy, Othello is a remarkable play that’s seen its fair share of iterations; it’s performed as a play, an opera, and several movies, proliferating its claim to fame. With characters that transcend the original script and inspire archetypes, baby will find plenty to latch onto with their Shakespearean baby name from Othello.

Shakespearean Baby Names from Richard III

Though the titular role here might not inspire the sweetest connotations, Richard III is still rife with lessons to hold dear even today. Through the 21st-century lens, you can teach baby what lessons are applicable from the downfall of a man hellbent on a path of ascension. If you’re looking for a masculine name, this play is full of choices for your darling Shakespearean babe.

Shakespearean Baby Names from Romeo and Juliet

More than likely Shakespeare’s most famous play, Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy meant to befuddle the youths and has been doing so for centuries. Experiencing a tremendous amount of adaptations, this play defined the enemies-to-lovers trope through every medium imaginable. Whether this play ignited your long-term love of Shakespeare or it’s a new addition to your literary collection, you can teach baby about quintessential drama with a Romeo and Juliet baby name all the same.

Shakespearean Baby Names from The Comedy of Errors

As can be gleaned from the spot-on title, The Comedy of Errors details the misadventures of two sets of twins. However, if you’re looking for some charming twin names, maybe this isn’t the play for you; no one needs the confusion of having two kiddos named Antipholus. This play comprises a small cast with unique names to give baby a double dose of edge with their Shakespearean baby name.

Shakespearean Baby Names from The Taming of the Shrew

If you intend to teach baby never to tame their wild spirit, then you both can find some inspiration from Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. This story highlights the most terrifying thing in the 16th century—an independent woman. If you want to teach baby to be equally scary, consider one of these Shakespearean baby names.

Shakespeare Baby Names from The Tempest

Being liberal with fantastical ideas and character creation is what The Tempest does best. Though you likely won’t be calling baby Caliban on their birth certificate, you can certainly look to other statement Shakespearean name choices by journeying to this far-away island.
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