Updated May 08, 2022

One of the many sweet things about adding a new love to your life is having the privilege of naming them. It’s a special task because baby’s name can inform their personality and, in some cases, how others will treat them. With such high stakes, it’s important you choose the perfect one for your bundle of joy. So why not start by exploring biblical baby names here at The Bump?

Biblical names have been around for, well, a long time. Some of these names have stayed true to those roots while others have taken on a more modern spin. But regardless of what time they’re from, we know this list has the perfect name for baby. Biblical boy names are often easy to rattle off, Joseph, Matthew, and Luke immediately come to mind. But biblical names like Micah or Isaiah could be an interesting take on the classic names.

Biblical girl names range in tradition as well, with each being just as beautiful as the last. Elizabeth or Abigail, to name just a couple, are gorgeous names for your gorgeous baby girl. These names speak of a sweet delicacy and pay homage to the women you can learn about through the journey of faith.

This Biblical Baby Names list is full of names that could become your favorites, but reading through the descriptions and trying out the way they sound can be an easy way to narrow it down. We know that contenders for baby’s name could be in the dozens, but we think when the biblical names are this beautiful, it’s a good kind of difficult decision to make.

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