Meaning:Supplanter; Of Jacob
Jake is a boy's name of Hebrew origins meaning "supplanter." Jake comes from a long line of siblings, including Jack and John, and shares strong biblical ties via Jacob. Jacob was a prominent patriarch of the Israeli tribes in the Old Testament and Esau's twin brother. Jacob found his supplanter etymology at birth; Esau was the first-born son, and Jacob was born holding onto his brother's heel. This moment foreshadowed future events where Jacob usurped Esau's birthright. Although known for his cunning ways, there is nothing deceitful about accessible and unruffled Jake. In fact, Jake is part of the care-free expression "everything's Jake," which arose in the US during the Roaring Twenties. Give baby boy a stress-free name like this to remind them there's nothing to worry about.

Famous People Named Jake

Wondering who else shares this name? Check out these well known people who made this baby name famous.
  • Jake Austin
    TV Actor
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Jake LaMotta
  • Jake Owen
    Country Singer
  • Jake Short
    TV Actor
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