Updated May 12, 2022

The sweetest things in life are... short, right? As far as we’re concerned, that’s the saying. We love short baby names here at The Bump because of how much they can do in so little time. Saying a one syllable baby girl or baby boy name is quick and to the point but still versatile, giving baby room for a unique experience every day.

One syllable girl names are pack a gorgeous little punch. With a unique name like one of these, people will have to pay attention to baby. Maeve and Belle are one syllable girl names for your new queen that can also tie in your Irish or French heritage, respectively. Or you can go a different route by giving baby a short name with a vintage twist like Dot or Beth.

Nyx and Tyr are epic one syllable choices bursting with stories for baby to choose from. Whether baby wants to be as mysterious as the night sky or a tactical genius, those bad boys have him covered. With one syllable boy names the sky's the limit for the unique experience baby will have.

Picking a baby name can be difficult but these one syllable baby names are sure to make the choice easier. They are multifunctional, adorable, and memorable. Even if you have a longer first name already planned for your little girl and need a one syllable middle name for her, these short names can pair with any number of other names! These versatile one syllable baby names are strong choices and give a parent-to-be plenty of options.

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