Meaning:Songbird; One who catches and sells finches; To swindle; Small, lively, cheery person
Finch is a gender-neutral name with English roots that was historically used as a last name. While it can easily connect baby to the small, multicolored songbird, it also once referred to someone who caught and sold finches as their main occupation. With its cute size and strong, short beak, the finch is a creative way to encourage baby to spread their wings and reach their full potential. For an edgier meaning, Finch can also mean “to swindle.” While this can have a negative tone, don’t let that discourage you—this can have an adorable twist to match your little one’s sneaky, mischievous side. For a more upbeat tone, Finch can also be a nickname for a small, lively cheery person. If you can sense that this describes baby to a tee, the name Finch will make for a lovely choice.
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