Updated May 12, 2022

Begin to look for unisex baby names that start with Y, and you’ll notice that they’re all a bit different. If you’re looking for an unusual name, then you’re definitely in the right spot. Opt for a name that feels like it has deep roots, like Yannick or Yancy, or a name with a quiet softness and strength, like Yael or Yordan. Whatever unisex name that starts with Y you choose for baby, practice saying it out loud. You’ll quickly know if it sounds like your little one.

Choosing a name is very personal. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help and inspiration. As you comb through the baby name lists, think about stress-free ways to get help making your final choice. These might be unconventional ways of choosing a name, but a unisex name that starts with Y was never conventional anyway.