Updated May 22, 2022

Sometimes the introduction of a new member to the family can make a parent-to-be feel like they need to get a little creative. You want to give baby a totally unique experience and that can feel like an uphill battle. However, the starting point doesn’t have to be so hard if you start with this creative names list for your one of a kind baby.

Creative girl names and creative boy names can be pulled from books, artists we love, Greek mythology, and so much more. With a strong name like Atlas, baby can have a name that represents the undeniable "you are my world" feeling. Or maybe you want a creative name that represents that baby is as magical as all the stars in the sky with names like Orion or that they are the sun that brightens your day like Apollo.

Staying unique with your creative baby names doesn’t have to come exclusively from Greek mythology though; beautiful names that pay tribute to the nature we all love so dearly like Poppy or Everest can feel perfect for you and baby, too.

Help baby start life with that spark of creativity we all yearn for by picking your favorites from The Bump’s Creative Baby Names list.