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Even if a person claims to know nothing about movies or they say the tired phrase of “I just don’t like animation”, they’ve no doubt still seen and been touched by a Pixar film in their life. Pixar’s wide array of films and shorts is continually expanded and is always indicative of top tier content creation. They have inspired us for the last 25 years and will no doubt continue to! If you’re in need of a name for baby and you share our deep love of Pixar, then you’ve come to the right place for baby girl and baby boy names inspired by Pixar movies.

Pixar is known for its gorgeous animation and its heart-wrenching stories. They test the social limits with their shorts and breathe life into concepts that are often hard to accept. But under the guise of silent animation, just animation that makes you feel, they manage to take you by the hand and lead you gently through the ideas. But on the flipside, their movies give a much more certain push and motivate their audiences bluntly to be better and to strive for better.

Pixar girl names and boy names always come with a story. Names like Merida, Jesse, Coco, and countless others are incentives as much as they’re lovely. Pixar depicts unabashedly strong women and your little one, regardless of gender, should hold this example of tenacity in their earliest memories. The characters inspiring Pixar boy names often spend time highlighting the reality of men and boys; they have feelings and dreams and compassion and deserve to find that for themselves. Barley, Miguel, and so many others prove that Pixar’s emotional intelligence is a force to be reckoned with.

With so many classics to choose from, this decision for baby’s name becomes a fun kind of challenge. If you find yourself stuck, we highly recommend binge watching all of these Pixar films and see which message speaks to you and baby the most. After that, say the names aloud and give them a little test drive, and you’ll have the perfect Pixar baby name in no time.

Pixar’s Brave

A skilled archer — also, incidentally, a princess — named Merida faces the struggles of growing up under the gaze of royal expectations. This story of taking a hold of your fate is one you never stop learning from, and we are happy to share this inspiration. Brave names like Merida and Fergus might help you tie in some cultural heritage, too.

Pixar’s Coco

A beautiful story tackling the difficult subject of the afterlife and the importance of family through music and vibrant animation, this movie instantly became a classic. Coco is an inspiring — and often hilarious — story that highlights Mexican culture and naming baby for one of these characters will give them inspiration every day.

Pixar’s Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a story about letting your child gain independence. An underwater adventure complete with schools of fish, sharks, and even dentist office aquariums, takes a parent and child on separate, harrowing journeys to find each other. This tale is beloved by many and we have no doubts that baby will understand their Pixar namesake after watching all the characters find not only Nemo, but themselves.

Pixar’s Inside Out

This revelatory movie about nurturing all of a child’s complex emotions has become an invaluable tool for the millennial parent. Though very few names come from this movie, it still had to be included in this list of Pixar movies that inspire us.

Pixar’s Luca

Luca is the newest movie in this new age of Pixar and is already deeply loved. This fun animation brings to you the lively Italian summer you’ve always dreamed of but with a twist you never could have expected. Naming baby after the — often fantastical — beauty and emotional depth that Pixar readily presents every time is a choice that you won’t regret.

Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.

Pixar has always made perfect hits and Monsters, Inc. is absolutely no exception to this apparent rule. A company made for scaring children to fuel their monster world with screams is turned on its head when a monster finds himself adored by a child rather than feared. The tale that follows is emotional, unique, and teaches plenty of lessons to both parent and child. Naming baby from the tale that showed us all that we can love everyone if we try is just as good as the laughter now running that world.

Pixar’s Onward

This story of utter geekdom joy mixed with embracing whatever the magic inside you looks like should be an incentive for everyone. With a fantastical animation to deliver this strong lesson on a silver platter, there’s no going wrong with your inspiration here. Onward names are unique just like baby, and feeling motivated by Barley’s uninhibited enthusiasm for the things he loves is a lesson everyone could learn from.

Pixar’s Raya and the Last Dragon

If you’re in need of a vision of female empowerment, take a glance at Pixar’s Raya and the Last Dragon. Where dragons and humans once lived harmoniously there was a great battle that drove the dragons to sacrifice themselves. But when this blight returns, a warrior goes searching for the last dragon to save her people. Naming baby for Raya and her tale goes to show just how far a muse can take you, and we can’t find fault with that.

Pixar’s Soul

Music was Joe’s whole life, especially jazz, even when no one else believed he would make it. When he finally gets his chance, an accident happens and he’s forced to set out on a journey to help a new friend discover their passions. In the process of this, Joe has to figure out what having soul really means. Finding what makes your soul spark is a lifelong journey, and giving baby a name that encourages that exploration is a wonderful way to start off their adventure.

Pixar’s The Incredibles

A truly fantastic — dare I say, incredible — release from Pixar that became an instant classic has to be The Incredibles. When superheroes have become more a nuisance than a help, they’re forced into secrecy. One family in particular tries to settle down into suburban life but just can’t quite manage the normal daily grind and they find themselves in and out of the life they used to know. When following their journeys you fall in love with each flamboyant and funny character and find yourself having discovered a truly wholesome journey. Through their adventure it’s not hard to feel moved to choose one of their stories to wrap around baby with their name.

Pixar’s Toy Story

Joyous, silly, and emotional, Pixar made sure we were in our feelings since the 90s. A diverse range of toys come to life whenever their boy owner is away, and fun and drama transpire with the addition of a new toy, Buzz Lightyear. Though it would probably pain every millennial parent to hear it, Toy Story is this list’s throwback. Released a shocking 25 years ago, this movie has proved it will stand the test of time and we have no doubts baby will love it, too.

Pixar’s Up

With one of the most recognizably heart breaking openings to an animated film and a character that made people understand dogs, Up is a special movie that everyone could stand to fall for. An old man who very dearly loves his late wife is on the verge of losing their home and so he decides to attach hundreds of balloons so that he can take his memories and his home with him to somewhere far away. However, a boy scout happened to be on his front porch, which makes his journey a little more complicated. With a small cast there aren’t a huge number of baby names to take from this list, but the ones we do have are solid contenders.

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