When you find out you’re expecting, you likely have countless things on your mind, from sharing the good news with your family to preparing the nursery. And of course, naming your bundle of joy is probably at the very top of the list. This is an exciting time, as you have the opportunity to choose the perfect name for the newest addition to your family.

There are a lot of names to choose from, so why not go with a Hebrew baby name? In ancient Israel, the language of the people was Hebrew. Modern Hebrew is still the official language of Israel today. Some parents decide they want to go with a Hebrew baby boy name or baby girl name because of their ties to Israel or the Jewish religion. After all, many Hebrew names are found in the Hebrew Bible. While many parents lean toward Hebrew baby names because of their religion or heritage, others simply like the beautiful sound of Hebrew names.

Here at The Bump, we have compiled a list of beautiful Jewish baby names with their Hebrew meanings. There are many Hebrew baby names that never go out of fashion, like Abigail and David. Explore our lists to find the ideal Hebrew baby girl name or boy name for your future child.

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What are some popular Hebrew baby girl names?

You’ll come across our list of some of the most popular Hebrew baby girl names here at The Bump. Names such as Isabella, Abigail, Elizabeth, Leah, Hannah and Anna are some of the ones that remain at the top of our list.

What are some popular Hebrew baby boy names?

When you’re looking for the most popular Hebrew baby boy names, explore our listing here at The Bump. Some of the most common ones include names like Noah, Benjamin, Jacob, Elijah, Daniel and David.

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