A name that highlights the path you want to carve out for baby—while still giving them room to grow—is hard to find! Likely, deciding to raise baby in your faith made complete sense, but giving them a name that represents everything baby and your faith means to you could quickly leave you feeling a little uncertain. Religious and spiritual baby names can help you narrow down what you love most about your religion and implore baby to feel the same.

Angel Baby Names

Baby will be your dearest little darling, so why not pick a name to properly represent their sweetness? An angelic baby name could help put a title on baby’s most charming attributes—or it could tap into their warrior messenger side, but only time will tell.

Baby Names Inspired by Saints

If you’re raising baby in your faith, then it’s possible you have some of your favorite saints you want to pass on to baby as well! Baby names inspired by saints are rich with stories and guidance to be the reminder baby will undoubtedly need throughout life.

Baby Names That Mean “God Answers”

Finding ways to celebrate your faith every day probably isn’t that difficult for you, but when teaching baby about it they might find it difficult at first. But if you give them a baby name that means “God answers prayers” or other variations of that, they might find that journey a little easier.

Biblical Baby Names

From Alexander to Xavier, the Christian Bible features countless beautiful and meaningful baby names. Whether you want a classic name like Elizabeth or something more modern-sounding like Xyla, you'll find lots of inspiration in this list.

Buddhist Baby Names

Buddhist baby names are here to remind you and baby both of the tranquility you seek and the nature of life. Representing your core values can be as quickly done as saying baby’s name with a choice from this list.

Catholic Baby Names

If your faith is your guiding light, why not honor it by choosing a traditional Catholic name for your little one? Giving your child a spiritual name is a beautiful way to show your love for your religion.

Christmas Baby Names

If your baby was a Christmas miracle, you might like to honor your faith by giving them a spiritual name connected to the festive season. Names like Mary, Joseph, and Emmanuel beautifully evoke the true meaning of Christmas.

Hanukkah Baby Names

Much like the shining candles of the Menorah, these beautiful Hanukkah-inspired names are sure to match baby’s wonderful inner light!

Hindu Baby Names

Baby will embody the essence and spirit of the world’s first religion with these Hindu baby names. Taking inspiration from deities, nature, and even deep core values, these names sound as beautiful as their meanings.

Muslim Baby Names

Mabrouk on your newest little blessing! Show baby that you are proud of their heritage with one of these meaningful and beautiful Muslim baby names.

Pagan Baby Names

If you're searching for a name worthy of your little god or goddess but with a more humble origin, these Pagan names are a call of perfect harmony. Reminiscent of the Earth's miraculous beauty, these names will inspire baby to nurture peace, courage, and spiritual awakening.

Ramadan Baby Names

If you're expecting an exciting new arrival during the holy month of Ramadan, you may be searching for a name as brilliant and compelling as the moon. From Zaira and Muna to honest Amin, these Muslim baby names shine bright and will cast an everlasting glow on your little one.

Sikh Baby Names

Sikhism is a religion dedicated to honesty, equality, and compassion for your fellow human. If it’s the principles you align with most, or you’re a Sikh yourself, these Sikhism baby names will help lead baby on a path of goodness.

Spiritual Baby Names

Raising baby within your spiritual beliefs was probably a no-brainer, but the naming side of it might be a little harder! Spiritual baby names come from origins worldwide and time periods all throughout history; giving you plenty of choice but never too much.

Taoist Baby Names

If you’re looking to help baby find balance—especially if you’re of East-Asian descent—these Taoist names might be ideal. Little Eun-ae is sure to bring grace and love into the world, while baby Kazuma and young Xi’an’s peaceful presences can help you tap into that much-needed tranquility.

Wiccan Baby Names

Where the wild things are in real life is where ancient Druidism and the oldest form of Paganism roam. These days, there are different denominations to give these ancient beliefs some modern flair. If Wicca is going to be a big part of your and baby’s life, then a Wiccan baby name could be the perfect fit.

Ōmisoka Baby Names

If your bundle of joy is arriving during the sparking season of Ōmisoka, try out these spiritual baby names. As your little one grows, so will their special bond with their heritage and ancestors.