Updated May 22, 2022

Paying homage to your Hindu roots with a baby name plucked straight from the practice or embodying the beliefs you hold nearest and dearest can be difficult. But finding inspiration in the names doesn’t have to be! Hindu baby girl and boy names come in the multitudes! Celebrating the values and customs of your daily life with baby can be as easy as calling out their name.

Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion! Having started 4,000 years ago and still being practiced today with more than 900 million followers, the practice of Hinduism has been tried and tested! Though 95% of Hindus live in India, large numbers live in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. With a worldwide involvement, it’s safe to assume that this religion has become multi-cultural over the years. If baby is a multi-faceted gem just like the faith they’ll be raised in, Hindu baby names simply make sense.

The power of these names comes not only from their characteristic lilt but from their deep meanings. With names highlighting the delicate perseverance of the lotus, calling upon the grace of the moon, or perhaps even highlighting the charm baby will no doubt have, Hindu baby names offer a wide variety to choose from. If you’re looking for something short and snappy or a longer name imbued with your love of Hinduism growing with every letter, this list has everything from Aja to Ashvaghosha—and the rest of the alphabet, too!

With the belief of the continuous cycle the soul journeys through in mind, Hindu baby names can enable you to harken back to each iteration or look forward to the next. Baby can aspire to greatness having been gifted a name plucked from the family tree or labeling this next step in their journey. Celebrate baby’s arrival and the vigor they bring to this life with a Hindu baby name.

Hindu Baby Names
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