Other Origin(s):British
Meaning:7th Month of the Hindu lunar calendar; Possessed of horses; Horseman deities; Constellation; Ash tree friend; Spear friend
Ashywyn is a boy's name of Hindi origin that is a variant of the name Ashwin or Ashvin. This can connect baby to Ashvin, the 7th month of the Hindu lunar calendar and the time of so many iconic Hindu holidays. This name will be doubly meaningful if baby is born in the month of Ashvin. Thanks to its connections to Ashvin, meaning “possessed of horses,” it can connect baby the two horsemen deities and give them a celestial vibe. With the Ashvin being benevolent gods, Ashywyn can also be a constant reminder for baby to try to be a shining light of hope to the people in their life. This name will be doubly meaningful if baby is born in the month of Ashvin, the seventh month of the Hindu calendar. For an extra touch, Ashywyn can be tied to Ashwini, the first constellation mentioned in Indian astrology. This moniker may also have connections to the Middle English name Ashwyn, meaning “ash tree friend” or “spear friend,” encouraging your little ones cheery, friendly demeanor.
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