Emma Lawler
Senior Content Writer
  • Emma works across all sorts of platforms with The Knot Worldwide, from baby names on The Bump to editorial updates for Hitched UK.
  • Emma has a Master's degree in Literature and Publishing, alongside a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, English, and Classics.
  • Emma lives in Galway with her big bear of a dog named Bloom.

From a little boy I was babysitting - "Is a satsuma a type of dinosaur?"

Emma Lawler

Senior Content Writer

At The Bump
When she's working for The Bump, you'll find Emma researching all sorts of baby names to help parents find the perfect one, whether it's an old favorite like Eve or a modern fusion of names like Kimberlynn. This research often includes falling down a rabbit hole of mythology or tracking down the perfect pop culture reference to act as the cherry on top of a name's description. So far, her proudest baby names-related moment has been working on the name Caius and finally being able to put her teenage Twilight knowledge to good use.

Emma's studies started at the University of Galway, Ireland, with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, Classics, and English, but her love of writing goes all the way back to her first few years in national school. It didn't really come as a surprise to anyone, then, when she decided to follow up her Bachelor's degree with a Master of Arts in Literature and Publishing at the same university. She continues to get books delivered on a weekly basis for "research" purposes—or so she says.

Between finishing her Master's degree and starting with The Knot Worldwide, Emma had three months to relax and decompress after submitting her thesis. Most of her past experience had included work in hospitality and retail, with various admin roles throughout, so working with the end goal of helping people was as familiar as her favorite pair of slippers. Working on a literary journal with the rest of her Master's class, where she was the editorial lead and in charge of the content, cemented her wish to work as a writer.