Meaning:lord of the people
Janesh is a boy's name of Indian origin. Meaning "lord of the people," Janesh is a variation of Janeśvaraḥ—one of the many names of the Hindu deity, Vishnu. As the preserver and protector of the universe, this divine entity is said to manifest a part of himself any time he is needed to restore the balance. With each variation, an aspect of his complex nature is revealed and, with it, a guiding light towards a higher state of being. Within the sacred hymn Vishnu Sahasranama, each of Vishnu's 1000 names is listed and defined, revealing his all-encompassing power. From the Sanskrit Jana, meaning "living being," and Ishvara, meaning "lord," Janesh emerges as a reminder that no matter the trials faced, one is never truly alone.
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