Mary-Anne Desai
Senior Content Writer
  • Mary-Anne writes baby name bios, business descriptions, and party-themed articles for platforms on The Knot Worldwide.
  • Mary-Anne has an Undergraduate Degree from UCT in English & Literature, Media & Writing, and Film & Television Studies.
  • Mary-Anne has emigrated from “The Mother City,” Cape Town, South Africa. She currently lives in the heart of Dublin, Ireland.

My favorite kid moment was when my cousin came to visit. My cousin, at quite a young age, sat my grandmother and myself down, telling us she'd like to have a "convinsation." The way she incorrectly phrased the word "conversation" was admirably cute and unforgettable. So, instead of correcting her, we just sat down, listened, and let her pretend to be a grownup for our talk. Today, we still use this phrase in my family, remembering how time flies and how special little moments like these truly are.

Mary-Anne Desai

Senior Content Writer

At The Bump
At The Bump, Mary-Anne writes fun, creative baby name descriptions. Not only does she write these short, sweet sentences, but also researches every piece of content produced. Outside of work, you'll find Mary-Anne rollerskating, traveling, and finding that perfect little coffee shop.

After graduating from Edgemead High School, Mary-Anne worked hard and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She was awarded a triple major at the University of Cape Town, specializing in English & Literature, Media & Writing, and Film & Television Studies. She has also explored other subjects belonging to the Social Science faculty, including Sociology, Religion, and Ancient Egypt Studies. Thanks to Mary-Anne’s broad knowledge and experience, she’s been able to navigate her work through various topics and an array of platforms.

Before this role, Mary-Anne found herself interested in writing for multiple platforms, from her university paper (Varsity News) to crafting original content for a global female student publication, Her Campus (The UCT Chapter). These articles ranged from local sports to short snappy film reviews. After interning for several months remotely, Mary-Anne soon became a seasoned writer at The Knot Worldwide and continues to write party-themed articles and business descriptions. Her role in The Bump includes writing baby name bios and publishing baby-related articles.