Updated May 22, 2022

One of the most challenging facts to conceptualize is how big the world is and how many people have made a piece of this world theirs. Finding balance among the enormous number of living things can often be a lifelong journey. Though there are only—officially—less than 1% of the world’s population practicing Taoism, there are still millions of members.

Taoism is the philosophy and religion seeking balance and harmony among all living things and the Tao, or universe. Reaching lofty heights with such an important goal to continually achieve, it can quickly shift into the normal mundanity of every day. But Taoist baby names will remind baby of the ch’i present in every moment, keeping this quest for peace a constant companion.

Taoism hasn’t quite spread all over the world like some other folk religions, but it has influenced a great many people in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and others as it is. Whether it’s a religion you feel soul-deep or a philosophy you cherish, Taoism has lessons to impart each day of the week! And if baby’s family tree branches to any of the far reaches of Asia, then a Taoist name could be a beautiful tribute.

Baby names embracing peace and all things natural are the route these serene names take. From Chia and Fai to Ya-wen and Eun-ji, Taoist baby names recognize the tranquility to be found in everything. Knowing the heritage baby will be embracing each day and the reminder of your ideals with each syllable is a birthday present they’ll be able to appreciate every day.

Taoist Baby Names
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