Published April 28, 2022

Muslim baby names for boys and girls are an opportunity to show baby the life you’ve led—and intend to help them lead—through faith. With Islam no doubt being a cornerstone in your life and informing every choice laid before you, it’s essential to consider what reflections you want to arm baby with from the very start. Muslim baby names can give baby a piece of their heritage and guidance for their future in just a few syllables.

Islam is a religion built on dedication and core values to keep throughout life. As a parent in the Muslim community, you’re likely hoping to impart all your values collected throughout life. A name can represent a multitude of things. The teachings you’ve held onto, the well-wishes you want to send, and the celebration of the coagulation of cultures from all over the world are just a few! Welcoming baby to a life of faith and celebration of what makes their family distinctly theirs—with just a couple of uttered sounds—is an excellent first birthday present!

Muslim baby names are well-traveled! As the second-largest religion in the world, Muslims have influenced culture, architecture, religion, and so many more facets of life in cities and countries all around the globe. Muslim names—having been influenced by cultural hubs of Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey—offer many meanings and languages, too! Arabic, Urdu, and Hindi are the most prominent language influences on these lovely contenders, but plenty of other cultures also highlighted through this faith!

A Muslim baby name is a reminder to baby every day of what you wish to impart on them even when you’re not around. Celebrating your faith and baby's arrival in one fell swoop is a worthy endeavor and can only be made easier with a Muslim baby name.