Meaning:Gracious, graceful; an oath, binding utterance, or exorcism
Nuo is a deeply spiritual name of Chinese origins. As a girl’s given name, Nuo means “gracious” or “graceful,” from the Chinese character 娜. However, the character 儺—simplified to 傩—also means Nuo, and refers to the Chinese folk religion of the same name that is practiced throughout southern China. The Nuo religion has close links to Taoism and is most associated with the Tajia people. It means “an oath, binding utterance, or exorcism,” after the patterned step dance used to expel the devil during the Chinese lunar new year. Nuo is also a type of folk opera or drama involving ferocious wooden masks and distinct costumes. Whether you’re naming baby Nuo after the religion or just hope she will be graceful and elegant, you can rest assured that she will be imbued with a powerful legacy.
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