Meaning:Water, flood; Rainbow; Enlarge, expand, great
Hong is a gender-neutral name of Chinese origin that shares multiple meanings, depending on its spelling and dialect. In the Mandarin dialect, the name translates to “rainbow,” “enlarge,” “great,” and “expand.” The name is also laden with aqua-inspired etymologies, such as “water” and “flood.” Legend has it that Hong as a surname dates back to the 23rd-century b.c. to a group known as the Gonggongshi. The clan took Gong as a surname but changed the character by adding a water component to escape their enemies. Gong converted to Hong, and, thus, a new name was born. Hong’s nature-themed definitions may also be a thumbs up for parents who adore a green etymology. Linking to Taoism philosophies, Hong’s connection with nature serves as a portal to inner peace for baby and parent alike.
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