Meaning:Autumn; Hill; Confucius's name
If your little one has joined your life during the crisp and cozy season of fall, consider the boy's name Qiu. It's a golden choice, carrying the meanings of "autumn" and "hills" to paint a pretty picture of this mellow and harvest-centric time of the year. What sets it apart is its fascinating connection to the philosopher Confucius. Confucius, whose given name was Qiu, was more than just a thinker; he was a Chinese philosopher of the spring and autumn period. He's celebrated as the paragon of Chinese sages, and his teachings continue to be the cornerstone of East Asian culture and society, leaving an enduring legacy. By naming your child Qiu, you're not only celebrating the season they were born in but also embracing a name that carries the weight of wisdom and tradition, making it unique and profound.

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