Meaning:Wealthy; Hibiscus; Tally, mark, symbol; Tutor, master
Fu is a gender-neutral name of Chinese origin that can have a variety of meanings, depending on the characters used to write it. One translating is “wealthy,” inspiring your little one’s future riches, whether their in the form of money, love, knowledge, or experience. Fu’s other translation of “hibiscus” can match baby’s promising potential and connect them to a flower that symbolizes fame and glory in Chinese culture. For a more abstract meaning, Fu can also mean “tally,” “mark,” or “symbol,” and can apply to a variety of subjects, from math to magic. If you want to inspire baby to share their wealth of knowledge with others in the future, Fu’s meaning of “tutor” or “master” will give them plenty of inspiration. WIth plenty of meaning in just two letters, Fu will easily fit your bundle of joy.
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