Updated July 03, 2022

Congratulations! Adding a baby to your life is an incredibly special time, and one of the first exciting steps to take is coming up with a name. But you don’t need just any name; you’re no doubt looking for a name that carries your heritage, too. And... you’re probably also hoping to find one that will help baby ground themselves with a simple but strong meaning, right? If that sounds like everything you need, then you are looking in the perfect place for it. Stick around and browse this list of beautiful Chinese baby girl and baby boy names and you’ll have the name to fulfill all those wishes in no time.

Chinese boy names are something truly special. There are, of course, a vast number of definitions to choose from but generally these names speak to a strength in mind, character, and spirit. A Chinese boy name like Gang, for instance, simply means “strong”. By giving baby a name with that kind of clarity, they’ll always be able to fall back on it and create their intentions from it. However, sometimes Chinese boy names leave a little more room for interpretation, like with Fai. This name means “beginning”, and will allow baby to come up with whatever that means to them at any stage in life.

Chinese girl names offer a wide range of definitions, too, but often they fall back on natural influences. Whether it’s flowers or jade or the general tranquility of a forest, Chinese girl names like Chun-hua, Daiyu, Mei-lin, and plenty of others will have you waxing poetic about baby’s beauty every day.

Introducing a baby into your life presents the opportunity to teach a new little person about your culture and heritage. This is a chance to be cherished. By giving baby a Chinese name, you honor your culture and start teaching baby about the importance of knowing their familial history from the very first day.