Other Origin(s):Japanese
Meaning:Shining brightly; Bug; Reptile; Tenderness; Superiority; Evening; Qualified; Courage; Help; Abundant; Masculine; Permanence; Reason; Eaves; Assist
Yu may be a two-letter name, but its legacy is anything but short. Although Yu is widely accepted to mean “shining brightly,” one of the earliest Chinese dictionaries defines Yu as “a bug” or “reptile.” Yu can also mean “tenderness,” “superiority,” “evening,” “qualified,” “courage,” “help,” “abundant,” “masculine,” “permanence,” “reason,” “eaves,” or “assist,” depending on how the kanji characters are spelt in Japan. Whichever interpretation you are inclined to believe, what remains undeniable is the sheer number of personalities to have sported this name. This includes four emperors, including the legendary Yu the Great, who was known for his upright moral character, his efforts at flood control, and the establishment of the Xia dynasty. His story is said to have even inspired parents to name their children after him. Whether you’d like to follow in their footsteps and have your little one aspire towards greatness or you simply wish them to take pride in their history and heritage, Yu can help them shine bright!
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