Updated June 26, 2022

Ringing in the new year in style is one thing, but ringing in the new year with baby can’t ever be topped! If baby’s grand debut is around the sparkliest of all holidays, then they deserve a name that symbolizes that splendor. New Year’s baby girl and boy names celebrate the freshness of a new start and the glamor of the holiday season.

If you haven’t dramatically called out “Stella” at some point in your life, are you really living? This name meaning “star” recognizes the drama of the new year and the power in baby’s soul. Similarly serving star-power, Akio means “bright” and “clear”, just like baby’s future. But if the melodrama isn’t your vibe for your little one, consider the new beginnings approach.

Newman, as a last name baby name that means “newcomer”, accomplishes the difficult task of inviting your brave new soul to the world with a New Year’s name. Sung-ho is a name that offers a different perspective to the “new year, new me” adage by giving baby the opportunity to find themselves anew with each morning.

New Year’s celebrations are the stuff of your own personal legends and giving baby a headstart on their tale is an excellent first birthday present! These New Year’s names for baby will give them the opportunity to start fresh every day and remember that they are just as dazzling as the season that named them.

New Year's Baby Names for Girls and Boys
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