Updated May 08, 2022

Summer time and the livin’ is easy. With summer in full swing there’s nothing better than sitting back in the sunshine and enjoying the vibes of vacation. But what’s better than summer itself? Summer baby girl and baby boy names that commemorate the adventures and keep that feeling alive all year round.

By going the summer influence route, you’re choosing not only a name, but a feeling that just emanates the smell of salt on a sea breeze or the fresh clean air from a forest. A summer baby name will let baby stroll along in peace for all of their days, even the cold ones. Summer girl names like Juno and Birdie give classic names a fun twist with a lightness to saying them that can only be related to the best season of the year.

Summer boy names like Cyrus and Clay are testaments to the beauty all around us. Because it’s the season to spend outside, picking names that are inspired by summer often go hand in hand with names inspired by nature. For your precious little flower child, a summer baby name can’t lead you astray.

Channeling the sounds of the birds chirping and the waves crashing has never been easier. By picking a summer baby name, baby will be unique with a name that instantly reminds people of their epic summer nights.

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