Updated July 03, 2022

Hanukkah is partly responsible for the holiday season being the most wonderful time of the year! And when we say partly, we mean the eight full days of love and gift giving celebrated by those of the Jewish faith. Hanukkah names for baby girls and boys include a wide range that demonstrates faith and peace.

Traditional Hanukkah names are simply traditional Hebrew or Jewish names. They include entries such as Zion, Judah, and Ariella. These names invoke the simple beauty of faith and can help baby on their path as well. Not only that, but saying one of these Hanukkah names daily will serve as a reminder of your faith and your promises to baby, too. Such a constant reminder can only be a good thing in a life lead by faith and it’s only one decision away!

Though there are plenty of Hebrew Hanukkah names, there are also plenty of names that embody the peace and praise of tradition while taking root in different origins. If baby’s got a mixed heritage that makes your chest swell with pride, then this range of names will surely be the stuff of dreams. Just two examples of names outside of the Hebrew origin are Winnifred and Benedetta and simply mean “blessed”.

If raising baby in a life of faith is your goal — and the idea of spoiling them for a solid eight days with gifts and good food doesn’t look too bad either — then a Hanukkah name for baby is the next step. These names can tie in baby’s heritage and baby’s future with tributes to their homeland and their faith. When you can accomplish all that with just a name, why look any longer?

Hanukkah Names for Baby Girls and Boys
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