When every time of the year could be considered the best time of the year, it’s hard to know what direction to take when naming baby! Seasonal baby names range from Christmas and Kwanzaa to actual seasonal changes represented with summer and cozy baby names. A seasonal baby name will allow you to celebrate the day baby was born, no matter what time of year it is.

Autumnal Baby Names

Autumn is known for being a special time of year; the only thing to make it better is if it’s the time you welcomed baby into the world.

Baby Names Inspired by Pride Month

What better way to celebrate Pride Month than naming your child after a bold and proud hero? With the unstoppable LGBTQIA+ community at their back, your pride baby will be enveloped in a warm rainbow hug of compassion and acceptance. Love is love, little one.

Christmas Baby Names

Was your little one born at the most wonderful time of the year? If so, giving them a Christmas-inspired name like Noelle, Nicholas, or Robin is a lovely way to honor the season.

December Baby Names

Harken back each day to the most wonderful time of the year with a December baby name.

February Baby Names

A February baby name is brimming with opportunity! It honors history and cherishes the love that comes with the shortest month of the year.

Hanukkah Baby Names

To remind you of one of the most special times of the year, these Hanukkah baby names will have you spinning your dreidel in joy. Who needs eight days of presents when your little one is the true gift?

January Baby Names

January baby names bring in the tranquility of the most rejuvenating season of the year.

July Baby Names

Even though July only comes once a year, if it’s baby’s birth month it can be celebrated every day! Choose a July baby name to carry that bright spirit with you every month of the year.

Kwanzaa Baby Names

Celebrate Black culture with this selection of beautifully meaningful Kwanzaa baby names. Baby will feel empowered every time you say their name!

March Baby Names

To pick a March baby name is to pick a name that fits your little spring-time royalty and emphasizes their beauty in this world daily.

New Year's Baby Names

There's nothing like ringing in the new year with a bouncing, beautiful bundle of joy! To celebrate their epic arrival during the holiday season, why not give baby a name as striking and out-of-this-world as a shooting star? Shine bright like a diamond, little one.

November Baby Names

Perfect for the parent wanting to honor baby’s birthday every day, a November baby name could elicit all the right cozy feelings.

October Baby Names

To pick a name for baby’s birth month is to give them a reason to carry around their birthday excitement every day of the year!

Ramadan Baby Names

Beneath the new crescent moon, invite your loved ones to observe prayer and introspection, but also to welcome your little bundle of joy! Why not choose a name befitting the season, from radiant Zara to faithful Iman.

September Baby Names

September baby names take the loving embrace of autumn and birthday celebrations and keep them alive every day of the year.

Spooky Names for Baby

When the trees turn golden, and jack-o’-lanterns begin to peek through the windows, you know that spooky season has arrived! Welcome baby into this magical time of year with names that reflect all the wonder, horror, and fantasy in the air. Oh, and the bats, too.

Summer Baby Names

From the first rush of the ocean waves to the last ice cream of the season, these baby names encapsulate the sunny glory of summertime. Give baby a glow they can carry throughout the year: a spring in their step that speaks of warm afternoons spent on the sand.

Winter Baby Names

Winter baby names perfectly celebrate the gorgeous and mysterious time of the year baby is born.

Ōmisoka Baby Names

A brand new year calls for new beginnings and new beautiful life. A baby born during the Ōmisoka season is a blessing like no other, so why not bestow a name that sparkles like their bright future ahead?